Syncself - An Interactive film about freerunners

The Way an interactive film about freerunners.

Syncself simulates the experience of being a freerunner, through an immersive cinematic film that is controlled by an App.

Placing control of the film in the palm of the hand of the viewer, the interactive experience integrates Film, Gaming, Visual Art with a dash of interactivity enabling the viewer to explore the journey and psyche of the Freeeunner.

Syncself is available for interactive libraries, presentations and festivals and online on request

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Device Requirements:

  • Google Chrome or Safari on a Mac or PC computer
  • An apple mobile device. Either an iPod, iPad, iPhone

1. Make sure both devices are connected to the same WI-FI network.
2. On the desktop computer visit
3. On the mobile device in the Chrome/Safari tool bar type in the URL address

Connect to Screen

Connect to Remote

You can now control the film through your mobile device.
Slide the sliders to control the audio mix.
Follow further instructions on the mobile device to interact with the film.

Our Partners:

Team Vienna

A fantastic interactive installation. Top Notch and ready to go

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea